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WIZ*ONEs get ready! IZ*ONE plans to deliver a dreamy digital concert for fans this fall!

A little over one year since their first solo concert, popular girl group IZ*ONE announces their second concert coming to fans in September! The event falls in line with many of the concerts this year and will be completely digital.

The concert titled, “ONEIRIC THEATER”, follows the album concept of their latest album Oneiric Diary. The members plan to capture fans’ attention through the event conceptualized as a fantasy theatre, promising magical delights in store.

Moreover, the group plans to utilize augmented and extended reality technology to make the event more immersive. By doing so, IZ*ONE hopes to eliminate the distance between themselves and their fans, providing realistic and fun content. In addition to technology, the group’s concert will contain vivid and sensual artwork to further enhance fans’ experiences.

Expectations for the event’s response are high. Following their recent comeback in June, IZ*ONE continues to impress, topping July girl-group brand rankings in second place.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased on Interpark on August 11 at noon KST. Meanwhile, “ONEIRIC THEATER” will stream online on September 13 at 5 pm KST.

Source: Sports Donga

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